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The Ultimate API Companion: SnapAPI

Screenshot showing how to add a request using SnapAPI

1. Add a New API Request

No complicated UI. Fill details as necessary. Name, URL and Request Type are compulsory.

Screenshot showing how to select a request using SnapAPI

2. Select the API Request

Added APIs live on the Mac Menu Bar, run them in just one click by selecting from the list.

Screenshot showing response of a request made using SnapAPI

3. View API Response

That's all, it's just that easy. Currently supports JSON, Text and Image response types.

What Sets Us Apart

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Super Fast

Opens Fast, Runs Fast.

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Small Size

Less than 3MB (v1.1)

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Easy Access

Always on the Menu Bar.

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Simple UI

No clatter, No nonsense.

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Placeholder URLs

Replace values in URL before running.

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Time Saved

Fewer clicks to your result.

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Important Stats

Time taken, and Response Size.

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Made with Thought

By a Developer, for Developers.

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Powerful Placeholder URLs

Many APIs have elements in them that can change with different requests. Some common examples are values in GET parameters, or a part of the path. Instead of going back and changing the URL each time, using SnapAPI, you can set placeholders instead. When running the API, just replace the placeholders and execute your request with the new values.

Simply surround the text you want to replace with two curly braces: {{ }}. The value you set will be the default.

Replace GET Values{{top_text}}&bottom={{bottom_text}}

Replace TLD Value


Replace Scheme


Replace All Values


Sample Request

screenshot for sample request with placeholder urls
Select Request Normally
screenshot for filling placeholder urls
Fill placeholder values (or leave default)
screenshot for sample response with placeholder urls


In simplest terms, SnapAPI is an app for the Mac, that allows users to run APIs quickly! The only difference is, the whole app runs just from the Mac Menu Bar.

There are lots of options for running APIs from your desktop, so it's a fair question. Here are few of our favourite reasons to rather use SnapAPI:
  • Lightweight: At just 5MB, we don't take up space or slow your machine down.
  • Convenient: Don't need to launch heavy and slow apps, or large windows for just an API request.
  • Time Saving: Just few taps required, no need to wait for anything else.
  • So Simple: With a straightforward, easy to use UI, the focus is on execution - not appearance.
  • Very Powerful: With distinctive features like Placeholder URLs, and more to come.

Making an API request involves 3 parts:
  1. Add a Request
  2. Select Request
  3. Run Request
They're all straightforward, easy to do actions. Here's a visual of the same.

Tapping on the app icon in the Menu Bar opens the main SnapAPI menu. In there you'll find an option called 'Add Request'. You can also add a new request by clicking on the 'plus' button in the Manage Requests window.

To delete an API request, choose the 'Manage Requests' option from the menu. Then select the API request you want to delete from the list, and press the 'trash can'/'delete' button.

To edit an API request, choose the 'Manage Requests' option from the menu. Then select the API request you want to edit from the list, and press the 'pencil'/'edit' button.

There could be multiple reasons for that. We do post the error message faced when making the request. If you think it's wrong, please let us know at

A placeholder URL contains certain elements that might need to change before making the request. Like the value of a GET parameter. Learn more about it here!

URLs are verified by checking if they have a valid scheme and host, make sure to check for typos!

Like most products that exist on the Internet, a lot of effort has gone into developing SnapAPI, and to help keep that effort alive, some of the features require a subscription of $3.99 to unlock. These are:
  1. Unlimited APIs (limit of 3 for free users)
  2. Ability to add APIs with POST and PUT methods
  3. Using Placeholder URLs

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